Vegan Pantry Essentials

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Whether you’re slowly transition-ing into veganism or you’ve been a vegan for 34 years this list is great to switch up your pantry or get you’re vegan shelf started. (on a side note- I literally can’t wait to say like oh yeah I’ve been a vegan for the past 10…20…50 years, if there is anybody out there that can say that just know that I think you’re awesome!!)

S t a p l e s-
Rice – Staple food, don’t even know why I bothered to add it, if you don’t have this, you’re crazy (said with love ;))

Quinoa – Delicious+full serving of protein, what else is there to say?

Couscous- Sometimes you gotta mix it up, so if you’re not feeling rice or quinoa-grab some of this!

Pasta- The great thing about pasta is that its super fast to make, totally filling and there’s a lot of variation in the flavors you can buy and how you want to serve them.

Lentils&Beans – Whether you go for dried or canned (BPA free of course) its always great to have some of these sitting on your shelf.

Jar or two of Tomato pasta sauce- In case you’re in a rush or simply don’t feel like whipping up some homemade sauce.

Canned Coconut Milk- Always have some on hand; makes curries and soups 600x better plus what else would you accompany waffles with? (hello whipped coconut cream!)

Canned Vegetables- Now I prefer fresh veggies whenever I can and frozen veggies after that but something liked canned corn is super useful to have and other veggies can also be great if needed in a pinch.

S e e d s  & S n a c k s-
Flax Seeds – Killer egg replacement for all those awesome baking plans.

Chia Seeds- Think chia pudding, chia strawberry jam, chia eggs for cruelty-free baking.

Dried Fruit- Definitely grab some of this if you’re on the go and can’t make a mess! My favourites are craisins (dried cranberries) and mango-just make sure they don’t put sulfites in it-that’s nasty!

NUTS- I love nuts. Not only are they an awesome snack but they are also perfect for all those killer vegan recipes you’ve been dying to try- like macadamia “cheese”cake and cashew cream sour cream to go with our tacos.

E x t r a s-
Nutritional Yeast – So at first I had a love-hate relationship with this stuff and then I got over it and realized that I was obsessed with it-it’s so freaking good. I first had it in the dragon sauce from Aux Vivres so I bought a package and I was originally disappointed that it didn’t taste like the sauce-(why would it taste just like the sauce-I don’t know but good luck asking my brain at the time…)But then I realized that this stuff on pizza/pasta was insanely delicious and its highly fortified in vitamin B12 (the only vitamin/mineral that vegans can’t get directly) like this stuff literally has 300% of your recommended amount in a quarter cup. Anyway, this has been the longest explanation. Just buy it.

Vegetable Stock – Great for soups, chilli’s, stews, etc. (And now the shortest explanation)

Coconut Oil- So I try not to put oil on my food but this comes in super handy in baking recipes, as a way of greasing dishes or heating pans and in EVERYDAY LIFE. No seriously if you don’t know all the wonder coconut oil can do either look in to it or hang on because I plan on sharing them in a full post. This stuff is truly the most versatile ingredient.

Cheers for Food!

May Nothing Stop You,

xox // Julia


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