How to Replace “Social Media Time”

So if I’m being honest, the title is kind of deceiving because the reality is you’re not gonna do these everyday and I say everyday because I was shocked to hear that the average person spends 2+ hours on social media. Every Day. What scared me even more was that when I really considered how I spent my time, I’m pretty sure I might spent more than that – it was kind of sickening and even more worrisome to think that I didn’t consciously realize HOW much time I was putting into wasting my time. But in the concept of moving on and getting on with the future, here are some ideas to replaced that time we somewhere designated to social media.

Go for a drive – with or without friends, with or without a calming, feel good playlist. Whether you go with friends and you end up dancing to throwback songs, singing and getting into conversation filled with laughter or you go just you and the wheel, to discover your surroundings and yourself, the adventure will always be worth it.

Cook a meal for your Family – I spent part of yesterday cooking a vegan shepherds pie with homemade ketchup, a simple salad and vegan chocolate chip cookies then brought it over to my grandparents house with my family where we all enjoyed dinner with a side of laughter.

Read a Good Book- I know, quite a basic suggestion BUT there are so many good books that are worth reading, I suggest The Power of Now or any book by Maude Barlow (Barlow is a Canadian water rights activist and her books are filled with knowledge about the water rights crisis the world is currently facing – definitely worth learning about, even if you don’t want to study it for a job in the future like me!) and reading a book doesn’t have to be boring; try reading it in a coffee shop, sitting next to a window in your library…

Bake Something Extravagant –  Similar to the cooking one up above but food brings people together and makes people happy, so why not?!? My friends and I like to get together around the holidays and make something festive; on halloween we carved pumpkins and made and decorated ghost sugar cookies but our next challenge is a vegan cookie that has an oreo-like outside (thin chocolate cookie) but then a cookie dough filling -its sounds so good its almost nauseating 😉

Set up a Movie Night –  I was inspired by Cybelle (Glittr on Instagram) for this one. Her and her friends set up the cutest, coziest looking space with a mattress on the floor filled with blankets and pillows and a white sheet on the wall to use as a projector. I’d just add some freshly popped popcorn and with a good movie and good people, it would be guaranteed to be an amazing night!

Have a Brunch – I already have a full post all about vegan brunch food, a beautiful set up and calming music- definitely read it if you’re looking for inspiration as to having a nice morning with loved ones. (People are going to think I’m a food-a-holic)

Social Media doesn’t have to be a bad thing. But no one should be dependent on it and we surely shouldn’t be spending 2+ hours a day absorbed in it. Use Social Media as a tool, let it strike creativity in your mind and leave you wanting adventure, life, happiness, health…

May Nothing Stop You,
xox // Julia Macintosh

Let me know in the comments any other suggestions for living beyond screens!


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