November Favourites


Last month I held off on doing a favourites for the simple reason that I was reevaluating this blog and what I wanted to make it. Were favourites pointless or did they perhaps, occasionally, cause a desire in people to read a book, watch a documentary or try a food? These are the questions that I asked myself but I guess I eventually decided on the later.

Charlotte Wiesolek on Instagram- Her posts make me want to pack up my bags and head to Germany to study abroad – despite the minor detail that I don’t speak German…but I could learn!

Cybelle on instagram- Always full of positivity, happiness and good vibes every post brings my life some more joy. Between her photos of incredible looking coffee, sun and beaches that make me jealous I don’t live in a warmer climate and outdoorsy vibes all paired with inspiring words and quotes, she’s a beam of happiness. Needless to mention she now writes for the messy heads…

Steph Yu- This fellow vegan is currently writing about “365 days of gratitude” sharing a bit of her life everyday and the gratitude she finds in her everyday experiences, it’s lovely.

To Read:
Shakespeare- Okay so technically, I read this for school but I’ve realized how much I love Shakespeare. In the past I’ve always read it with heavy guidance from teachers but reading it in college with the majority of influence coming from my interpretation I’ve realized how interesting it is. In fact, I’ve actually picked up an old copy of “understanding shakespeare” with insight into all of Shakespeare written theatre pieces, maybe some light holiday reading for the upcoming break ;)?? I think there’s something incredible about the lessons we learn from going back in time, pretty cool.

To Eat:
Vegan Cookies – If you haven’t been able to tell, I love cookies. There so good; they can be chewy, crisp, smooth and come in all types of flavours I mean like WOW. So versatile and soooo delicious. Can’t wait or the holidays to make a ton of different cookies.

Edamame-Someone needs to stop me because I swear I could have a bag of this stuff on rice with some corn and other veggies…

Pomegranates- I love this time of year because it’s the only time you can really find these in grocery stores-making them a fruit that becomes super precious around this time of year…which also means super expensive this time of year but I little bit here and there, right?

To Watch:
Friends & That 70’s Show- I’ve been watching a lot of oldies but goodies lately. Thanks to Netflix, I’m able to go back in time with TV and although I try not to watch to much of it, it is super entertaining!

Jacksgap- I’ve also been re-watching some of Jackgap’s old videos because not only are they super fun and amazingly well-done but it’s getting me super pumped for the upcoming climate change documentary-I literally can’t wait. Be sure to watch the trailer and sign the petition for world change amongst leaders, this is BIG and WE have the power to change it, WE NEED to change it!

To Wear:
Flannels- Always a favourite, no matter what month. Enough Said.

The Perfect pair of jeans- I wanna highlight the importance of investing in one or two key pieces that you’ll always want to wear. Instead of getting multiple pairs of jeans that a) won’t fit that great b) won’t be too comfortable and c) you’ll soon get bored of, try investing in one or two pairs of super comfy and simple paris that you’ll always be wanting to wear. You’ll always look and feel happy and you’ll save some cash along the way.

Simple T-shirt- To pair along with those perfect jeans; a perfect, casual outfit.

Pine Smelling Candles-I  know it’s not the holidays yet (ALMOST!!!) but man these smell so good. Like, so good.

Rainy Days- Every once in a while I love a good rainy day,  especially thinking that soon everything that falls from the sky will be white and fluffy, which is nice in its own way. It’s especially nice to hear rain on either sides of sleep-falling or waking.

I’ve been obsessing over Vance Joy so don’t judge…

Red Eye-Vance Joy
Mess is Mine-Vance Joy
Cake by the Ocean-DNCE
In a Perfect World-The Sam Chase
Fire and The Flood-Vance Joy
First Time-Vance Joy
Georgia-Vance Joy
Islander-Robyn Sherwell

3 thoughts on “November Favourites

  1. Oh man, Vance Joy has been on my playlist the last couple of months as well. If you like them, try checking out The Oh Hello’s and The Head and the Heart. Both of them have similar Americana/folksy vibes!

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