Homemade Gifts


The Holidays. For some people those words give them nostalgic vibes that throw them into this sense of extreme happiness and for most of these people, it also gives them a sense of fear for what comes in January-debt, I mean we’ve all seen those interact commercials where the nutcracker is singing about debt-no fun. But it’s more than the money aspect, handmade gifts take time- a demonstration of love and have way better memories attached to them. So, this is a post about handmade gifts-not the kind that kids cringe at, the kind that demonstrate love and warmth, what’s most important about the holidays.

1. Food
The way christmas is done at my house, the 25th we have a nice sit-down dinner and the 24th we spend with family-at my grandparent’s house- and a table set up with food to come and grab whenever-salads, appetizers, bite size sensations until we reset the whole table again for desert. At the age of 14 I discovered my love for cooking and so, I decided to volunteer to make the meal for the evening of the 24th. And so, every year since, I’ve set the table with salads, homemade foods that I’d found recipes for on Pinterest and then I’d make loads of cookies, brownies and one big show-stopping cake. Of course, over the years the type of food has transitioned from omnivorous to vegetarian then vegan but it gives me the opportunity to be more creative and I love taking the stress off my grandparents. However, if a whole meal isn’t your thing consider making a nice batch of cookies, or presenting a loaf of banana bread with brown wrapped paper, twine and pressed flowers, I’m getting August vibes- can you tell?

2. A Book of Your Favourite Recipes
I have this recipe book that my great-aunt wrote for my grandpa in my kitchen and just reading makes me so happy. Get out a journal, I recommend a slim moleskin, and write out all your favourite recipes using a page for each, putting in some tips to make it best. Don’t forget to add some doodles, jokes, customize it! There’s something so personal about cooking-it takes patience and love and sharing family recipes is a perfect way to share that.

3. Handmade Soap’s, Natural Hand Creams, Bath Bombs, Coffee Scrub. etc.
Why not let someone pamper themselves by giving them beautifully smelling products that you made with all natural ingredients and love? Put some dried flower bits in the soap, customize the cream so it’s there favourite smell, douse the bath bombs in glitter, go crazy! If you’re looking for inspiration for something in particular, I’d consider a coffee scrub, its super easy to make, uses super simple ingredients, smells so good and is so good for you- win, win, win… win.

4. A Letter
If you wanna send a little something to somebody you haven’t seen in a while, send them a letter! I took inspiration from the messy heads and made some of these myself-it was crazy how many smiles I got writing all the memories I have with my friends down on paper.

5. Playlist
Incase you haven’t realized-I love music. And I love curating playlists. Just like cooking, there’s something super personal about sharing the music you feel the biggest connection with. Be sure to burn it onto a CD rather then putting it on a USB-it makes it that much better. If you’re looking for some inspiration for music-I have a few of playlists up on the blog that are curated with music filled with vibes and love.

6. A Video
This one takes a bit more creativity and work but if you’re up for it-it’s something they can keep forever with memories that will last forever. It wasn’t the holiday, but after my grandpa took my family on a cruise a couple of years ago I made an iMovie filled with all the pictures I took on the trip-it was quite simple because I was quite young but that first time he watched was one of the most fulfilling moments of my life.

Go Create Something Beautiful and Share it with Somebody you Love.

May Nothing Stop You,
xox // Julia

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