Dinner Around the World


photo from urban outfitters pinterest

It’s easy to get caught up in work, school or social media that we neglect things that really matter; hanging out with friends and family, having a good time and making memories. So here’s a simple idea to inspire you to get together with people who matter to you and having good food while you’re at it: Dinner dates/parties/casual encounters inspired by cuisine from around the world.

Please Note that  I’m basing this off of my experience from restaurants that serve foods from a certain country- if these aren’t accurate, sorry!

Mexican Night-
Make your own tacos with hard shells or tortillas, individual bowls of homemade salsa, rice, black beans (Where I live there is this company that makes this AMAZING vegan Mexican “ground round” which is like this spicy soy “hamburger’ it’s incredible and it goes so well with tacos but since I don’t know how to make it I’ll leave it at black beans, incredible in their own way!), shredded lettuce, GUACAMOLE (to forget this would be a tragedy). Accompanied by some form of a refreshing watermelon beverage?
^when you’re bracket makes the majority of the text…

Thai Night:
Curry or Pad Thai or rice Wraps? Too many options!!

Indian Night-
I’ve always wanted to try “butter” tofu, what do you think? I think it would be killer! Accompanied by some nice jasmine rice! YUM

Japanese Night –
Vegan Sushi Anyone? (haha I’m actually not a fan, can’t take the taste of sea weed, but hey a lot of people love it!)

Italian Night-
Individual Home-made pizza with toppings bar or handmade gnocchi with a tasty sauce fresh from the stove topped with fancy looking herbs (it’s gotta look like a restaurant?!)

French Night-
I know France has more than breakfast and deserts but I gotta admit, I love the idea of a crêpe bar I mean think of the fruit you could put in it, the chocolate sauce, coconut whipped cream…

Greek Night-
A couscous or quinoa salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives… yummy!

Egyptian Night-
Okay so basically I needed a country to say falafel because I didn’t want every other one to be a country and this meal to be a region (middle-eastern food) and when I googled where falafel originated wiki told me Egypt…so let’s all just pretend wikipedia is always reliable (mm hmm sure is!) and enjoy our falafel everybody!

Or you could always stick with the basic food that never gets old-vegan burgers and oil free fries from the oven…would it be wrong to call this American Night? Absolutely no offense to the American’s, this stuff makes my life better!

If you’re really up for an adventure then I would recommend taking the meal a notch up and not only eating food from the country but eating it as per custom to their culture, dine criss-crossed on the floor… do something fun that I’ll leave you with memories that go beyond how amazing the food tastes! Don’t “life” get in the way of living.

May Nothing Stop You,
xox // Julia


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