Brunch Essentials

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I love the person who created brunch (I guess I could just say I love brunch but whoever created it deserves some love too). I love the idea of playing some calm, peaceful music while enjoying a range of foods that spans to include sweets, “saltys”, fresh and freshly baked. The smell of flowers and scented candles and the sun shining in from the window. If I’m being entirely truthful, I occasionally daydream of what I want my future kitchen to look like based off of these brunch daydreams, strongly inspired by tumblr, and I have no shame about it.

The Menu
The great thing about brunch is that you can eat almost anything and have it still fit under this magical category of “brunch”. To me, the perfect brunch has options that are sweet, a couple of dishes that are savoury and salty, a range of warm and cold drinks, at least one baked good and a whole lotta fruit, always.

Some Yummy Ideas to choose from:
Tempeh Bacon (homemade)
Vegan French Toast
Hash browns
Scrambled Tofu
A Waffle Bar (I’ve always wanted to have one of these, think of all the toppings…woah)
FRUIT, FRUIT, FRUIT: Mango, Melons, Oranges, Pineapple, Strawberries (covered in chocolate?), Raspberries, Apples, Banana, Blueberries, Kiwi…….

Fresh Orange Juice
Country-Style Apple Juice (soooo good)
Fancy breakfast cocktail? I mean who says brunch can’t be a party πŸ˜‰

Calming music for a happy, peaceful vibe. Indie Folk Music will never not be the best.

Featherstone – The Paper Kites
Bloom – The Paper Kites
The Truth Is a Cave -The Oh Hello’s
Heavy Hearts and Thread- the paper Kites
Ends of the Earth- Lords Huron
Cecilia and The Satellite – Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
Flowers in Your Hair-The Lumineers
Crystals -Of Monsters and Men
Back to You-Twin Forks
White Days-The Lighthouse and the Whaler
Growing Up-Run River North
When our Legs Grew Tall-The Paper Kites
Mountain Sound-Of Monster and Men

As far as I’m considered, the most important part of the setup is having as much natural light as possible. The sun makes everything better and if it’s already great to start then the sun just puts it over the top.

Some More Ideas:
Dried lavender
Fresh Flowers
Fairy Lights

Happy Brunch-ing!

May Nothing Stop You,


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