Precious Moments


Sometimes we just don’t have enough time in our day to really appreciate what is happening around us. Which is why, I have decided to start this new series called Precious Moments. Precious Moments will eventually be a compilation of short and simple posts that highlight something truly extraordinary  in this world, something we occasionally miss when were going about, caught up in our lives.

Today marks the first volume of Precious Moments with an occasional experience that never fails to leave a mark in my memory.

#1 Watching Somebody Speak about something they’re really passionate about.

That sparkle in their eyes and the grin on their face, their hands flailing wildly, filled with enthusiasm, watching they’re whole body become infatuated with that one moment in time where they’re sharing what they love most with the people around them.

I hope this brings to mind a special experience or gets you thinking about what makes you sparkle. Don’t pass these precious moments up.

May Nothing Stop You,
xox // Julia

4 thoughts on “Precious Moments

  1. Some of our precious moments are really complicated. I recently celebrated the wedding of my oldest son and then my mother passed away the next day. My precious moments continue as I remember my Mom with sadness through photos and, of course, the roller coaster to joy through the wedding photos that are trickling in…


  2. Absolutely love this idea Julia! I have really been trying to live in the moment these past few weeks and have noticed how caught up I am in the future. Can’t wait to see more!!

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